Less of me, MORE of You

Thank You Father for Your unfailing love. 

Thank You Father for You have blessed me much more than I deserve. You’ve blessed me not with earthly things but with Your heavenly presence in each day I awake and each night I go to sleep. You’ve blessed me with never ending JOY & PEACE, and because of that I rejoice. Rejoice, rejoice! Rejoice because You have been good to me. Rejoice because 2015 was my year of breakthrough. Rejoice in everything that You have done in my life and in my family’s life AND most of all… rejoice because of Your forgiveness, because I have seen and experienced Your love, Your mercy and grace and because You are my Father. You’re the One who lifts me up; therefore You as well must be lifted up… higher & higher!

As I welcome my 2016 with worship, prayer and this blog, I want to start my page 1 out of 366 letting go of who I was and am, letting go of things that displeases You and letting go of things that stops me from growing in faith; in Christ, from seeking and serving You. There are a lot of things and personalities that I have yet to let go off that I cannot do and change myself Lord. I pray that You reign over me Father, that You fill my heart with gladness and eagerness, willing to serve Your Kingdom that no works of the enemy shall come and stop me! In Jesus’ Name.

From all the worries and problems I’ve encountered last 2015, I entrust them to You Lord and for the trials yet to come. From all the lessons learnt last year, from the failure of ‘teenage’ relationship and ‘aware’ disobedience,  I thank You Lord! For because of that I encountered You, and through that I have seen how much You love me as a daughter (and start to see my worth) and saw the value and true meaning of Love which can only be found in You. You alone satisfies my soul. Thank You for reminding me that “No man can satisfy the love that you crave for, only I can, Your Father.” I am restored and renewed! Amen? A M E N ! — Kaya girls, don’t rush, don’t hurry up and settle for worldly relationships. Focus on God and seek Him, sakanya may forever, sakanya may halaga ka kaya whenever you feel left out and alone just call on Him and He will answer. He doesn’t care what your past was, what matters to Him is what you are now and when and where you want to be with Him, how far and deep you want your relationship with Him be. Know your worth in Christ! You are precious, we are precious and dearly loved by our King and Saviour.

Psalm 27:4 “One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze onthe beauty of the Lord and to seek Him in His temple.” (NIV)

Now I can finally say that I am letting go of who I am, to see more of Your goodness. Letting go means it’s the start of having a deeper and intimate relationship with my Saviour, to desire Him and seek Him more. Feed me for I am hungry of Your Word, O Lord.

– HAPPY AND BLESSED 2016 to all of you! I cannot wait for what God has has in store for me and you!

John 3:30 “He must become greater; I must become less.”

Here are few of my journals/devotionals that really had and still have an impact in my life and what I consider my “LIFE VERSE” :

  1. Isaiah 43 – The Saviour of Israel.BJ 3
  2. Psalm 40 – Faith Persevering in TrialBJ 1

3. Psalm 119 – /Taw\BJ 2

This is one of my favourite verse from the time I was crying to God for the mistake I committed. I know it may sound “korni” pero my first relationship aftermath was all about His mercy and unfailing love. Know your worth in Christ; “YOU ARE PRECIOUS AND I LOVE YOU.”


May God bless us all and continue to shower us with His unfailing love as we start this year with gladness in our hearts and as we start it with HIM.

Be a blessing!

Be a pioneer of Christ!

♥, DK.


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