Midnight Thoughts. Companion?

“When I was brought low,

Criticized, hated and mocked,

You were there. You were my comforter.

When I was alone and needed a friend,

You were there. Your presence alone was satisfying.

When I was feeling down, mistreated by this world,

You hugged me, tightly. Your love covered me.

Then my heart began to acknowledge You,  realised that I lack nothing in You.

Everywhere I went you were there,

In times of trouble, You rescued me, Your love surrounded me.

Lord, even in my physical and emotional sufferings You shall be praised

This mouth of mine… this mouth shall profess of Your goodness and faithfulness

O Holy God, all I see is perfection in You.

You are the epitome of Mercy and Grace

In Your hands, I am strong, held together by my Almighty Father

Though emotionally I suffer,

Spiritually I fight! No evil shall come near me!

I see eternal love for Your children in Your eyes

In Your arms You hug me, You strengthen me

This I declare,

You truly are my Saviour for eternity.”


Thank you for reading! Be blessed and encouraged!

P S A L M 45:1 My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”
Thank you for reading that! 😛 Quite long, diba? I wrote this poem from a season of irritation. It was just that one day when I felt really annoyed of ungrateful people that surrounded me. Companion was what I begged for. I prayed and asked God such as these; “Lord, does it have to get to this point?” or “Lord, why does it take so long? Will You really provide?” – from all those questions I remained hopeful. My hope was and is anchored to His promises. I know His Word never fails. He is faithful. I know my God will provide in the right time, in the right season. Sometimes I contemplate realistically that maybe He is just preparing me Spiritually before He provides. Hmm… Nevertheless, I’m still grateful and I trust Him.I always will. Let Your will be done in my life, Lord. I hand this life over to You, Lord. Fill it up with Your LOVE.

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