Bound for Heaven

Wednesday, 9th of January 2019 at 03:04



He speaks. Just one look. But He seems to be uninvited, why?


This appeared as a vision to me one early morning,


“I saw the eyes of the LORD upon me, with tears crying for me.

On top of that mountain where He was crucified, sacrificed for me.

I saw His longing as He gazed upon His people, His eyes speaking:

“I call you to my Kingdom, but your heart is shut. Your heart has no room to welcome Me. I Am uninvited. I have no room for Me to invade.”

Yet His eyes were still filled, so filled with mercy and compassion.

Oh, only if they knew.

Then He looked at me, His eyes of mercy locked with mine and suddenly I understood what love is.

I saw pure love in His eyes and that love ran in my being – I became someone who He now calls:

“A Daughter After My Own Heart”

“A Son After My Own Heart”

He ascended then to heaven, left and whispered these words:

“You make Me happy.”

He smiled as His eyes still locked with mine.

I stood there in awe of Him.

I stood there believing that I am going to see Him again.

I will wait, I will watch, I will pray.

He captivated my heart.

He captured mine.

What love!”

(v13) When the Lord saw her, his heart went out to her and he said“Don’t cry.””

Luke 7 NIV



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